Lilly Glaze Glass Cabochon Glue 2 ounces

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If your making DIY photo jewelry with glass cabochons our "Lilly Glaze" Glass Cabochon glue is exactly what you need. It dries clear and can be used for many other purposes.

Lilly Glaze Glass Cabochon Glue 2 ounces

 Lilly Glaze is known for:

* Quick Drying
* Almost no bubble incidents
* No Odors
* Water Resistant

Here's what one of my customers has to say:
"I am a professional jewelry designer and a large portion of my work is making pendants using fine art Giclee prints. My images are very high resolution, using archival, pigment inks and fine art paper. To set these beautiful images under glass, I have searched high and low for a high quality, dependable glass adhesive that will retain the beautiful colors and clarity of my images. Lilly D's High Definition Glass Epoxy does just that. It is a wonderful product and I highly recommend it, whether you are simply enjoying making crafts or are a professional. Fabulous!" - Dr. Sandy Byland

* Please note that once the glaze has been opened it is not returnable or open for exchanges.

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