35mm Square Pendant Tray Kit

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35mm Square Pendant Tray Kit

35mm Square Pendant Tray Kit includes:

  • 1- 35mm Square Pendant Setting.
  • 1- 35mm Square Clear Glass Cabochons.
  • 1- Matching Chain of your choice.

     5 Color Choice(s):

    • Shiny Silver
    • Antique Silver
    • Vintage Brass
    • Antique Copper
    • Black (Please Know that black plating can chip under stress if not protected with a clear coat like Krylon)

    Approx. Dimensions:

    Outside Tray: 37mm
    Inside Tray: 35mm
    Tray Depth: Approx 4mm
    Glass Cabochon: 35mm
    Bail/Loop: 4x6mm
    Chains: Choose from the drop-down menu



    Zinc Alloy Metal & Glass.

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