Making a Fabric Button Pendant Necklace Tutorial

This tutorial is to help learn how to make a Fabric Button Pendant Necklace. You can use your own fabric choice with our amazing pendant necklace selections.

First we want to thank Amber at From the Heart by Amber for taking the time to create this for us. Her pieces are amazing and her tutorial writing skills are just as awesome. Please stop by her shop and check out her beautiful pendant necklaces. Her Etsy shop can be visited by going here:

Now lets get to the tutorial =)

Making a Fabric Button Pendant Necklace Tutorial

Fabric Button Necklace


 Let's Talk about the supplies you'll need.

Supplies to Make Necklace

  1. Scissors- These will be used to cut the circles out.
  2. Fabric- Use what your heart desires but always keep in mind that the thickness can effect the way the covered button will mount in your pendant tray. In this tutorial Amber used a standard cotton fabric.
  3. Greeting or Poster Card- Used to create stencils for cutting Fabric.
  4. Pendant Trays- In this tutorial the main piece being used is one of our 1.5" (38mm) trays. You can find them in our Round Pendant Tray Blank section of our website here. Of course you will need a matching chain as well to complete the piece which are here.
  5. Cover Button Kit- The size used in this tutorial was a 60 for the 1.5" and Amber recommends one of our fellow Etsy shops I Love Big Buttons and the kit that includes the button blanks & tool are here. I'm sure many of you are wanting to use different size trays and buttons but we recommend this size as your first kit so you can get used to the sizing that will fit the trays.
  6. Glue- In this tutorial Amber used E6000 which is super strong and it can be found in our store here as a small tube. If you have a glue that is super strong and it dries clear you can give it a try as well.

Time for the fun part!

Creating Stencils

Cut a 2 ½ inch diameter circle out of greeting or poster card material. Cut a 1 ¾ inch diameter circle.  Greeting or poster cards are sturdy enough to use as drawing templates for marking the fabric.

Cut Out The Fabric

  1. Cut the fabric into a 3” x 3” squares.
  2. Trace a circle around the cardboard with a marker onto the backside of the fabric.  Be sure to center the cardboard and the pattern in the fabric as opposed to the center of the 3 x 3 square.
  3. Cut out the fabric circle.
Placing Button
  1. Place the rubber, button-maker cup on the table.
  2. Place the fabric circle on the cup (align the centers of the fabric and cup).
  3. Place the button (curved part down) on top of the fabric.
Pressing the Button
Press the button down into the cup as far as it will go.
Rear View of Button

The edges of the fabric should be left hanging out.

Placing The Back

Place the flat button back on the back of the button and on top of the exposed fabric.

Using the Button Tool

Use the button assembly tool to push down onto the flat button back. Push until you feel a little click.

Removing the Button 

Remove the button-maker cup.

Using the E6000

Lightly dab some E6000 glue along the inside edges of the blank pendant bezel.

Let Dry & Done!

Let dry for a few hours and voila (pardon my French), you have a beautiful button pendant!

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at: