Closing Updates Page

Closing Updates & Announcements

Hello Everyone! Here is where we'll be posting periodically throughout the weeks before our doors are officially closed. I do want to say that we've heard from everyone that missed the sale for all kinds of reasons. We're working on seeing what we can do to have maybe a 2nd round sale? Before we can do that we need to take care of the people who ordered originally. Please check back periodically for updates.


6-27-22: We're expecting our first round of by air items this Friday or Monday at the latest. We have hundreds of people who never received an email on our closing or were our of pocket during the 48 hours of our closing sale. We are working on something for you but have to take care of our first round customers first. Please pay close attention for a few emails this week. We're making some big announcements =)

6-23-22: We are working getting everyone's orders out. Our manufacturers are producing items we were out of and preparing to ship them to us. We're bringing some items by air which is much more expensive but necessary, and some items by container. I will share actual tracking numbers so you can get a better idea as time passes as to when you may start seeing your order. The key for us here is to be fully transparent during our closing. Many of you have asked if the massive response we got would encourage us to stay open and I have to say while it's been amazing to know we have such dedicated customers, it doesn't change our path to our next endeavor. While I still can't mention what the next endeavor is, I can say it is going to be something that is ground breaking and will still be in the area of supplies.It will take months to have up & running but I'm sure many of you will love it =)