About Us

Hello and welcome to our site LillyDs.com. We are happy you found us and we hope to be a part of your creative aspirations. Whether you are an individual DIY crafter, an online retailer, a brick& mortar store, a non-profit organization, a school, a club, or someone who makes a living selling at arts & craft shows, we are here to be your creative valets.

Our journey began many many moons ago at craft fairs. As avid DIY crafters we enjoyed going to local arts & craft shows and learning new ways of presenting our own personal art. Because of our passion for photography and an equal passion for all things vintage we started making wearable DIY image based jewelery out of our own pictures. As we became better & better at making these items we started getting all kinds of requests on to how to make these amazing pieces. So we shared all of our knowledge and started seeing the amazing things people were making with our suggestions. The next thing you know we start getting requests on how to buy products from us, and accordingly we went from making these items to supplying these items.

Lillyds.com is a online arts & craft supply company that specializes in image based DIY craft jewelry. Our goal is to offer the best tutorials that allow you to find new mediums for your creative ideas.

As a family & friend run business we have a lot of passions but the most consistent is our love for animals, hiking the amazing mountains here in Colorado, and always trying to perfect & learn new craft trends so we can share them with our customers.

We aim to provide top notch customer service, super-fast shipping, and quality products. If you have any questions, comments, or special request be sure to contact us.