1.5 inch (38mm) Round Blank Photo Pendant Trays

Lilly Ds DIY Craft Supplies

$0.61 USD  

Make amazing Photo Jewelry with these 1.5 inch Round (38mm) Round Blank Photo Pendant Trays.

1.5 inch Round Pendant Trays – 38mm Round Blank Photo Pendant Tray Settings

We also have these 38mm trays in kits that include the glass cabs, settings, and chains here.

 Color Choice(s):

  • Shiny Silver
  • Antique Silver
  • Vintage Brass
  • Antique Copper
  • Black

    Approx. Dimensions:

    Outside Tray- 41mm Round
    Inside Tray- 38mm (1.5 inch)
    Tray Depth- Approx. 3mm
    Bail/Loop- 4x6mm


    Zinc Alloy.

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