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Lilly Glaze

Lilly Glaze is water based so the best method is to use hot water with caution. Acetone's will work as well but they are to corrosive in our opinion.

The reason for air bubbles can be for many reasons and trust me when I say I used to deal with this issue quite a bit until we developed Lilly Glaze. While Lilly Glaze is know to have significantly fewer bubbles, it still can happen. The reasons for the bubbles are vast. These issues can be:

  • Living at higher altitudes- When you live at higher altitudes like we do here in Colorado, air rises faster and tries to escape things much quicker. That's why planes are cabin pressured so that the plain doesn't just collapse. We even have to bake food at different temperatures.
  • Not enough pressure- When you put your glass on your glaze to stick to your medium, you may have not pushed all the air out? 
  • Humidity- People living in humid areas tend to have longer dry times which means the glaze does cure as fast as we would like.

There are at least a dozen others reason and it can get frustrating. Lilly Glaze is water-based and water-based adhesives tend to have more oxygen in the chemical make-up. The only way to avoid this is to switch to a more acidic adhesive, but the problem there is that non water-based adhesives are much more acidic and cause your jewelry to erode much faster and cut it's life span in at least half in my experience.

With all the above mentioned you might think you're just stuck but the solution is real easy to me. Glass is pretty inexpensive so I will typically print the same image 3-5 times and will try to make that many pieces and will then choose the one that I think looks best and has little to no noticeable flaws. The amount of stress and time I save equals way more than the extra .60 I just spent. The only time this will not work is if you're using original art that you only for one shot at. If it's not original, save yourself a lot of frustration an calculate 3-5 pieces of glass into your work. Sometime you get lucky and they all three (or five) look amazing and you have extras to sell or use =)


Returns- You have ten calendar days from the day your order is delivered to request a return at After approved you have three business days to get the return in the mail. Though not necessary, we would love for you to reply to the original return email with the tracking number so we can keep and eye out for it, Returns are processed by the end of the week. All returned items must be in original shape and packaging. Liquids such as glazes and glues are non-returnable. Please note that we have to adhere to the ten calendar days so we maintain a fair return policy.

Exchanges- We dot do exchanges as it is just mush easier to issue a refund. Exchanges would require you getting a money order for the cost of shipping for the exchanged items to be mailed to you. Issuing a refund and then having you purchase the item you want is much easier and works out to be the exact same cost. If you have a special situation please feel free to reach out to us at 

5353 North Union Blvd #10G
Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Please inspect all of your items within 7 days of when you receive your order and let us know if there any discrepancies. Please email us with a few pictures of the issue. We do our best to not mess up but when most of your items are hand counted, there is a chance for human error 😫 Luckily we have systems in place for this. We have recorded close-up video of all orders being packed out in case we need to view the items later on in the case of wrong or missing items. This ensures both you and us are protected. In the case of missing items we also use a high quality digital scale that can tell us if something is missing. As soon as we conduct our investigation we will get back to you right away to get your issue resolved 😁


All orders placed before 11am EST Tue-Fri and 9am EST Mondays, will ship the same day unless we reach out to you with any questions on your order. We do our best to get you your order as soon as possible. If you have a time sensitive order, please email us at 

Your order should arrive within the time-frame you were quoted when you chose your shipping option and class of service at checkout. Please know that we do not ever guarantee arrival dates as once your order leaves our hands, we have zero control. We do however guarantee we will ship your order the same or next business day and do our best to help you get your order asap.

To see where your order is please use the tracking number that was emailed to you when your order shipped. You may also login to your account page and access your shipping number there.

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